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Why Choose A Destination Wedding?

Recently engaged?  Already feeling the stress of planning a wedding?   Why not consider a destination wedding?


Destination wedding planning is easy and stress-free.  Email or call to discuss locations, pricing and so much more.  Did you know that many destinations offer a free wedding when you book a group of your family and friends?  Sometimes the bride and groom even get to travel for free!  And did we say planning a destination wedding is stress-free?

Whether your toes are in the sand or you’re skiing down a mountain, Don't Trip... Just Travel travel agency, has a specialist who can help get you, your fiancé, your family and friends there.

Don't Trip... Just Travel

We handle the details... YOU have ALL the fun!

Destination WeddingAverage Cost of a Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings Soar In Popularity

There is a rapidly growing trend for U.S. couples that are getting married–destination weddings.

The most popular location for destination weddings away from the states is the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. These locations offer white sandy beaches and rich, aqua blue waterscapes to create perfect settings for the most idyllic wedding scenes. In addition to picturesque wedding ceremonies there are also plenty of activities for guest to indulge in after the ceremony. Whether it be sightseeing, snorkelling, swimming, boating, biking, hiking, or just lounging by the pool, they can do it all while enjoying a comfortable climate almost any time of year.

A driving force behind the increasing popularity in destination weddings, aside from the paradise-like locations, is the lower cost. Due to the fact that a fewer number of people will attend destination weddings, the capital required to fund the wedding is significantly lower. Often when getting married at a location where the couple will be staying for the honeymoon the fees are less than that required to rent a few hours at a chapel and reception facility. Destination weddings are often thousands of dollars less than traditional weddings.

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